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I was very excited when I woke up on Saturday, April 9, 2022. This was one of the key days of the cruise that I was really looking forward to. This is when we got to visit Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. Lanzarote is famous because it has had SO many volcano eruptions over the years. During one period, volcanos erupted for a full six years straight, covering vast portions of the island in lava and ash.

I realize this is really awful for the locals. At the time, they even considered abandoning the island completely. But they hung on, and the island is simply an amazing place to visit.

My sister and I were booked on the “Panoramic Lanzarote” Oceania tour, which was a bus tour from 9am to 12:30pm. We had room service delivered in the morning to ensure we woke up, had our breakfast, and then got ourselves all ready to go down to the gathering room. Did I mention I was excited?

We got down to the gathering room and found our seats to wait for our bus to be announced. As we waited, my sister seemed less and less happy. Finally she told me she just didn’t feel that great. The next day was going to be our big zoo trip, on Las Palmas, and she really wanted to be able to do that. It involved a LOT of walking. Also, today’s trip said it had 90 minutes of walking. She didn’t want to attempt those back to back. I was very sad, because she also adores volcanoes, but health always comes first. So I waved goodbye as she headed back to our room.

That means I took a TON (and I mean a TON) of video for this trip, so that she could see what she had missed. I’ll have the links to the YouTube videos at the end.

To begin with, we drove out to the Timanfaya National Park which encompasses quite a lot of the main volcanic / ash-covered locations. We learned how the volcanoes here erupted for six years straight, and how the locals nearly gave up on the entire island as a result.

Along the way, we passed a caravan of camels. Lanzarote is very hot and dry. Quite desert-like. As a result, animals which require water do poorly. Instead, they bring in camels which are able to tolerate the low-water environment.

Here’s just a tiny stretch of the lava fields.

Nowadays, there’s a restaurant located at the center of this park. At the restaurant, they do a number of demonstrations to show you just how hot the volcanos right beneath the surface are burbling. First, they dug up right from surface-level a handful of gravel. The gravel was too hot for us to hold.

Next, there was an air vent that was so hot, when they just put dry brush near it, the brush caught on fire.

Next, there was an air vent with air so hot, when they poured water down it, the water came bursting back up as steam –

There is an air vent right by the restaurant. It is so hot that they can cook chickens over it.

Most tourists can drive to the restaurant itself. However, to go deeper into the volcano area, you need to be on a special tourbus. The roads are too tricky for regular drivers to navigate. So this next hour-long video is from one of those tour busses, showing all the amazing volcanic landscape.

After this we drove to a black lava beach, with a green lake / lagoon created by an eruption. The green is caused by algae.

This is the walk in to that green lagoon.

This is the walk back out:

Now we took a 20-minute drive across beautiful volcanic landscapes to get to the La Geria Winery:

Here’s video of the winery itself. The vineyards are just amazing:

And then there was about a half hour drive back to the Oceania Riviera at the cruise ship dock:

I tracked down my sister. She’d tried to order room service and it’d taken over an hour to get to her. By the time it did, her steak was cold. So that was a bit sad. She wanted to sleep some more. I’ll note that the tour was nearly 100% sitting on a bus – she easily could have come along. I don’t have any idea why the write-up claimed there was 90 minutes of walking. There was not at all.

In any case, I went up to the buffet and had a delicious salad. I sat on the back deck. The weather was perfect with barely a cloud in the sky.

At 4 I went down to the tea / string quartet, but the string quartet wasn’t playing today – they had a piano person instead. I didn’t have an art workshop today, so I explored the ship some more.

For dinner we had a second reservation at Red Ginger, the Asian restaurant. This time I got a photo of the chopstick selections they offer.

I knew to ask for a few extra of the delicious tea, so I could have it during the afternoon tea time sessions.

They always serve edamame to start with, which I love. Then I had the calamari. Normally I go out for Asian food with a group of friends of mine, and Stephanie always eats the tentacles while I eat the rings. So I had to take a photo for her and email her asking her if she’d eat the tentacles for me. She found that amusing :).

The chicken sate was one of those dishes that they aimed for ‘pretty’ rather than ‘functional’. I’d have liked smaller pieces and much more cucumber / pineapple / peanut sauce that didn’t immediately fall off the kebabs.

The lobster pad thai was nice.

We had our big zoo trek tomorrow, so we all went to bed!

Ask with any questions!

The next day was Day 7 –

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