Oceania Riviera Waves Grill Restaurant

I wanted to explain a bit more what I personally want in a lunch. That way people who read my reviews understand where I’m coming from. If you have an opposite point of view that is great! You can eat opposite of me :).

Here’s what I ate at Waves on the first day, after a long – long – long travel night and day. Even now, looking at that photo, I’m just not keen on it.

I like fresh veggies for lunch. Cucumbers. Romaine lettuce. Spinach. Eggplant. Fresh red tomatoes (not bland pale ones). A caprese salad. Yum yum yum. Something fresh and crisp. Something bright and clean. Vibrant with spices. Mushrooms! Usually I don’t want any meat at lunch. For me meat tends to be heavy and often greasy. I want to be full of energy after lunch. I want to be fired up to go out and do things.

I personally don’t want buns. To me that is ‘filler stuff’ that is going to take up room in my stomach, add on calories, for no real reason. The thick fries fall right into that category, too, plus they are greasy. So those two things right there are a turn-off for me. I was quite interested in the ahi tuna steak – I adore ahi tuna – but it was just not cooked right. 

So that left me with focused on eating some of the ahi tuna plus the coleslaw, which is covered in mayonnaise and not really ‘fresh and flavorful’ as far as a veggie dish goes. It heads more into the ‘bland and squishy’.

I know many people love to eat this way and that is fine! We are all different and unique. That makes our world wonderful. But that’s why looking at those Waves options just did not send warm fuzzy feelings through me. I actively wanted to avoid having to eat there. I look at this and think, after I eat this I’m going to want to take a nap. 

Here was one of the lunches I loved, from the back-of-the-boat buffet. Yum yum yum. This is what I crave for lunch. This and a tall glass of water.

Just to contrast a bit, here is the caprese salad I had on day 1 at the Toscana specialty restaurant. I eat a LOT of caprese salads and make them for myself at home quite often. So I’ve had a variety of styles. I found the tomatoes on this to be bland and pale. There wasn’t much basil. Also, the tower construction meant it was a pain to have to ‘disassemble’ to eat it. There wasn’t enough added ‘prettiness’ in the tower to make up for the hassle trying to dismantle it to eat it. And as much as I can often adore ‘smears’ of decorative liquid on the plate, in this case it just wasn’t appealing. It could easily seem like I’m being picky. In my defense, the Oceania Riviera wasn’t touted as a floating chain restaurant. It was touted as the best restaurant anywhere on the high seas.

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