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Many people run into issues when trying to connect to a Zoom conference call. Here are some ways to fix that problem.

Launching the Zoom Link

To participate in a Zoom call, you should be given a full URL link to click on, to get you into the right meeting room. When you click on that link, you’ll be taken to a page which looks something like this (depending on your browser and device)

First, approve the cookies at the bottom by just closing the lower window, by clicking the little X in the top right of that ‘cookies’ windows. Zoom needs cookies to work properly.

Second, you want Zoom to use its app to run. So in the top center, click the box to “always allow” the app. Then click on “Open”.

Now the meeting should try to start. If the host hasn’t begun the meeting yet, you could get this waiting message:

If you get this message it does NOT MEAN YOU LOGIN. That login is only for the host who runs the meeting. It means you just wait. You have to wait for the host to start the meeting up.

If the meeting is in fact running, you could see a message like this:

That message means you are in the ‘waiting room’. The host is running the meeting and needs to click the button to let you in. If you get stuck in a waiting room for a while, maybe try texting or contacting the host in some way to let them know you’re waiting there. They might not have seen the alert that you are waiting.

Once the host lets you into the meeting, you should be able to use the Zoom options to mute and unmute yourself, show or hide your video, and other standard options explained in the Zoom how-to documentation.

What If Zoom Won’t Run?

If Zoom won’t run at all, it might be time to look at your computer. For Windows users, Zoom is supported on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11. It’s a good idea to make sure your copy of Windows is fully updated. On Windows systems, the browsers supported include Edge 12+, Firefox 27+, and Chrome 30+. They recommend a dual-core 2GHz machine with 4Gb of RAM. Here are the full details:

Zoom system requirements: Windows, macOS, Linux – Zoom Support

If your computer is having problems:

Reboot. Often a reboot shakes loose random issues.

In your web browser, clear your cache and cookies. For example, in the Chrome browser, click on the vertical “dot-dot-dot” in the top right of the browser window. Choose ‘settings’. In settings, choose ‘security and privacy’. Go into the ‘clear browsing data’ area. Clear your browsing history, cookies, and cached images. Note this means your browser will forget EVERYTHING about where you’ve been and will make you re-log-in to sites. Still, if Zoom is not working at all, this may help.

Click ‘clear data’, then close everything and reboot for good measure. Start your computer up fresh and see if that helped.

Good luck!

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