Adobe Photoshop File Save Broken

Where’s my Wand of Time Reversal? Adobe just auto-updated both Photoshop (graphics) and Premiere (video). They broke BOTH PROGRAMS.

Premiere is now adding green bands at the bottom of my videos.

Photoshop is requiring me to take extra steps for every single graphic I save. You can no longer do a File – Save As if you are working in a standard PSD file and want to save out a JPG version. Instead, you have to do File – Save As Copy – and then the file they create has the word COPY in its file name which you have to manually remove.

If you were doing this one time only it might not be so bad. But you have to fix that file name for EVERY SINGLE file you work with, every single time!

I want to go back to my non-auto-updating versions that didn’t charge me monthly fees! 🙂 🙂

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