Pilot Gold and Silver Ink Gel Ballpoint Pens G2 Fine Point 0.7mm

I was looking for a shimmery gold and silver pen set to use with my Spirograph kit. These Pilot G2 pens are absolutely perfect! The ink flows quite smoothly. I love the glisten of the colors. The gel dries quickly enough that there’s only a tiny bit of smudging as you use it.

I’ve tested this both on white paper and on dark paper. The gold and silver definitely show up better against dark paper. Also, they both are fairly close in color to each other. That is, the silver is only mildly silver and the gold is only mildly gold. When I do designs that both use the gold and silver ink, the two sections aren’t strongly contrasted with each other. You have to look fairly closely to see which is gold and which is silver.

In the video, after the demo section, the very first still image I show is a design which is three loops gold, three loops silver, three loops gold, and so on. It’s not obvious on first glance, looking at it, that there are two different colors in there.

Still, I love how smoothly they flow, how quickly they dry, and how shimmery the color is. Well recommended!

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