Lisa Shea Exercise - Dance Dance Revolution

Exercise Day #3!! It was WAY too cold to go out, but I wanted something aerobic. I said to myself, what would my mom enjoy?


Bob and I spent a solid hour clearing out my corner of the basement which has my TV, PS2, and floor dance pad. I can once again Dance Dance Revolution!!

I then spent a non-stop hour with my favorite songs, Long Train Running, In The Navy, and The Reflex in honor of Jeanne!! So happy!

Lisa Shea Exercise - Dance Dance Revolution

I have four different DDR game discs and I cycle through each in turn, because there are certain songs I like on each one. 9 on the first, 3 on the second (x2), 3 on the third (x2), and 3 on the fourth (x2). They ramp up in difficulty as they go.

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