Cassette Tape Cyanotype

Daily Exercise Day 2 – it is 25F outside. I am following the Kris theory of staying inside when it’s below 32F. So today I did an hour of yoga

. Both kitties helped so much with the poses. They would lie underneath me during plank so I had to hold it for longer.

Right now my body feels like a tangled cassette tape, but soon it will be a smooth-playing LP :).

What exercise did you do today?

The cyanotype is actually darker than it seems in the cat photo. It looks like this. It is a 5×7 one-of-a-kind cyanotype framed to a 10×12 frame. Available for only $40!

If anyone wants to see my full yoga routine, I have it for FREE in this book. Grab a copy and follow along!

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