Absolutely Perfect for Origami Paper!

I have enjoyed folding origami for over twenty years. I have stacks and stacks of origami paper in the house. I have a wood sorting rack in a back closet, but there are many times that I need to have my origami paper out with me. Maybe I’m working on folding earrings on the futon, or maybe I’m traveling to a craft show, or maybe I’m doing a demonstration at a library. There are all sorts of reasons I need to carry and move the origami paper safely.

These 6″x6″ (interior) plastic cases by Iris are PERFECT. The outside is larger than 6″x6″. They are measuring the space inside, for holding the paper secure.

Origami paper traditionally comes in a 150mm x 150mm size. That equates to about 5 7/8″ square. The paper fits absolutely wonderfully into this space. I want to note that the bends in the box do NOT squash or bother the corners of the paper at all. The interior of the box is constructed so that paper 6″ x 6″ fits quite nicely in the open space. The rest of the “curved corners” simply add to the solidity of the structure so it holds up under weight.

The lids seal quite nicely and do not come loose. The pieces also stack very well into each other. In reading some other reviews, I was worried that the units would slide and fall off of each other, but I find they are very secure in remaining stacked. I don’t have any issues at all with them.

I haven’t had any problems with cracking, bending, or anything else. All units came to me in perfect condition and all have held up well to regular use.

Perfect for my use. Highly recommended both for a shelf-stacking situation and also for using as travel units.

Ask with any questions!

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