The Abyss Within - Horror Short Stories

You’ve probably seen them as you scroll through Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Notices of book blog tours. Just what is a book blog tour, and how does it work?

First, the basics. There are hundreds of thousands of people on the internet who blog about books. They read books and give reviews of those books. They want traffic. They want free books.

At the same time, there are millions of new authors publishing brand new books. Those authors want their books to be heard about and read. They want book reviewers to read and review their books.

A book tour organizes all of that.

With a book tour, a blogger a day is lined up for a period of time, usually two weeks. Each blogger commits to posting a review for the book on their given day. The entire “tour” schedule is posted and promoted. Sometimes the author agrees to be available at each blog each day to answer questions and chat with visitors. Sometimes it’s simply about those reviews getting posted.

In most cases, bloggers do this in exchange for the free copy of the book to read. The process of a book tour drives thousands of visitors to their blog, providing them with a wealth of fresh readers and subscribers. It’s important to note THE BLOGGER NEVER GUARANTEES A POSITIVE REVIEW. That would go against their integrity as a blogger. What they do promise is that they’ll post a review on the date in question.

Authors provide the free copies of their book in exchange for that publicity.

Sometimes there’s an “organizer” – someone who coordinates with the bloggers, makes sure the reviews go up on time, does publicity on all the major social networks, and so on. That organizer typically charges to do that management of the process.

The end result should be a win-win. The blogger gets lots of new followers thanks to the marketing which drives people to their page on their chosen day. The author gets a bunch of bloggers talking about their book. Note that this DOES NOT GUARANTEE AMAZON REVIEWS. Bloggers are never required to write Amazon reviews – that would violate Amazon’s terms of service. Rather, the overall high level of marketing which happens should then generate reader reviews naturally.

An Example of a Book Blog Tour

My story “Voodoo Doll” is part of a SmashBear Publishing horror short story collection entitled “The Abyss Within.” There are thirteen stories in this collection. All proceeds benefit battered women’s shelters, a cause I strongly believe in. As part of its launch plan, SmashBear Publishing arranged a blog tour.

As each blogger’s turn came around, that blogger made a review post. Along with it, nearly all bloggers also created a custom image including the book. For the ebook version, they generally lay the tablet or photo with the ebook on it in an appropriate themed atmosphere. Here is the collection featuring images generated by this blog tour. You’ll need to click through them to see them in their full proper dimensions.

Having those appealing images is really key. If someone sees “just a cover” flat on a white background, it looks like an ad. You need the book to be in an appealing layout to get someone to stop scrolling.

These posts were made on Instagram, Twitter, WordPress, and so on. Authors who were involved in the book then shared and liked and retweeted, bolstering the marketing.

Ask with any questions!

Here’s the book – all proceeds benefit battered women’s shelters –

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