SEPTWOLVES Casual Daypack Lightweight Laptop Backpack

I write and run websites for a living. I also travel. I’ve had to fix broken forums from Ukraine, fight off hackers from a cruise ship, and much, much more. It’s absolutely critical that I can carry my laptop and gear with me through airports, through security checks, and through all the roughness that happens in international travel safely and securely.

This Septwolves laptop backpack is reasonably sturdy, but it’s not as good as some of the better options out there. Its price reflects that. So whether this is a good backpack or not for you depends on your budget and your demands.

First, the specifications. The backpack has the main inner chamber which has the open area plus two sleeves. The deeper sleeve is about 12″ tall while the other sleeve is only 8″ tall. Normally with my backpack laptop carriers that inner sleeve is heavily padded and where one straps in the laptop. Here, though, there’s pretty much no padding and I just don’t feel as if that sleeve is sturdy enough to handle the laptop. I would put the laptop into that main center chamber, and use the sleeves for documents and notebooks.

The outer sleeve, also zippered, holds the traditional pinched-in areas for pencils, pens, etc. I don’t know why any backpack maker bothers with those any more. Would anyone really stuff a single pencil into one of those areas and try to retrieve it? I’d rather have a zippered bag in here to hold those sort of little things, rather than try to put an individual pen and pencil into these slots. In general I find when I travel that I rarely use that front pocket unless it’s where I’m keeping my itinerary or something I need to grab.

The straps have padding – not as much as I tend to like, and I think even if this was used for a daily school backpack that you’d probably want more padding in here. But it’s worth noting that the price is fairly low so if you’re on a budget you’re getting something usable, if not extremely comfortable.

The color is basic black. It tends to hide stains and dirt.

All in all, the backpack is certainly serviceable. I wouldn’t take this on any actual travel, because I need my equipment to be fairly well protected. It’s important to me. And I have to believe if I was going to rely on this every single day to get my gear from point A to point B that I would probably want to get something sturdier and more comfortable for that, too, plus with better padding for my electronics.

The image with the TV remote is to show about how wide the base of the unit is. It’s reasonably wide to hold a laptop – but really, I would want my laptop securely in a thickly padded sleeve.

Ask with any questions.

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