Pop Up Sticky Notes Pad, 3 in x 3 in Candy Color

I have always been a fan of post-it notes. They make organizing my world so much better. I have post-it notes all along the bottom of my computer monitor. I put them on items I’m planning to sell or give away. The post-it notes help me keep track of the status of items around the house. But when I’m busy organizing something, often my hands are full. I want to be able to just grab a note and stick it on something.

These pop-up post-it notes are perfect for that.

I like that they come in a variety of colors. I like that their nature is you can easily grab one and start using it. I’ll note that you have to buy the holder separate, but that’s fine. These are refills for the holder.

The colors are bright and easy to see writing against. If you wanted to, you could color code the types of projects you’re working on.

I use these ALL the time. They are great. Highly recommended. Ask with any questions!

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