Aoycocr Smart Plugs

My office space is a complete mess. I admit it. I would have to climb over boxes of papers to get back into the area where I have my lights plugged in. Those plugs are not controlled by a wall switch. The only way to turn the light on and off was to climb back there and do it manually. As you might imagine, this was a royal pain day after day.

I adore the Aoycocr smart plugs.

They were incredibly easy to set up. Just install the phone app and connect them to the plugs. I could give each plug its own name. Then it was also easy to link it to Alexa. I could have used the plugs without Alexa if I wanted, but since I have an Alexa dot sitting on my desk, it was so much easier simply to let Alexa have access to the plugs.

Now I sit down at my desk, ask Alexa to turn on my office lamps, and POOF, they all come on. Quick, easy, painless, no fuss at all.

I’ve been using these for quite a while and have never had any problems at all with them. They work flawlessly. They make my daily life much easier.

The only small complaint is that the plug itself is sort of large, so you couldn’t use these on a tightly-stacked extension cord type of plug. But you’d have that issue with nearly all of these smart plugs. The solution is to get an extension cord which has widely spaced plugs to account for this sort of thing.

Well recommended.

I was provided with an Amazon Vine review set of these plugs to evaluate.

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