Lisa Shea Fairy Tales

I couldn’t fall asleep, so I looked through my folders of series to see what I wanted to work on. I now have 67 series going simultaneously. Ooops. So I wrote 9,000 words in Sleeping Beauty, next up in my fairy tale series.

Problem is, I first had to re-read all 3 books to remember all my convoluted plot lines and characters … this is the downside of my write-what-calls-to-me technique :).

I’m always amused when I get requests from people who say “Oh you should write an epic story set in Arizona” or “you should write a literary novel set in Montana” or “you should write about this specific person from history”. I’m already working on FAR more than I can handle. I have readers actively asking for more books in the series I have, written in my current existing style.

The last thing I need is for people to think up even more topics for me to tackle :). I need to focus on finishing the ones I have already in play.

If you guys want to write stories on other topics, you should definitely write about them! I donate most of my proceeds to battered women’s shelters. You can donate most of your proceeds to battered women’s shelters. If we got a number of authors to do this, all writing about our own different topics, think of the number of people we could help!

What are you up to today?

Lisa Shea Fairy Tales

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