I’ve been using the same Logitech webcam since 2008. It’s only 720p. Its technology is over 12 years old at this point. Everyone kept talking about having better quality or better light handling or so on. I decided I would bite the bullet and upgrade to a 1080p webcam. I’m an author and artist who creates videos on a regular basis, so it was important to me that the look reasonably good.

I ordered the Aukey 1080p webcam.

I was so excited when this package arrived in the mail. It was just a small plastic mailing envelope with an even smaller cardboard box within, but what mattered was the camera. I went right to my computer and hooked it up.

It was AWFUL. I am attaching a side-by-side image showing the ancient 12-year-old Logitech with half the resolution against this brand new Aukey camera. This is the exact same room, exact same lighting, both on their default settings. No tweaking at all. The Aukey is awful! The color balance is atrocious. The lighting is atrocious. There is no way I could use this for any sort of purpose, whether it’s my Zoom workshops or my videos.

And the resolution! How is this in any way twice the resolution of the Logitech? It just doesn’t make any sense.

I’m so disappointed. I had a whole bunch of projects I’d lined up to shoot with this new “better” camera. Now I have to return this and look for something else to upgrade to.

Ask with any questions.

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