Interview with Andrew Boylan - Author of Horror Novel Sacrifice

Thank you so much to amazing horror author Andrew Boylan for talking with me today about the process of writing, creating an environment, and bringing characters to life!

A must-watch for any authors out there.

If you know any horror authors, I’d love to talk with them!

What are you guys up to today?

Interview with Andrew Boylan – Author of Horror Novel Sacrifice

A filmmaker down on his luck.

A desert town full of secrets.

An ancient cult reborn.

After a decade of failure in Hollywood, Benny Hernandez has run out of money and options. No matter how bad the times have gotten he can’t imagine ever going home again.

The small, desert town where Benny grew-up holds nothing but nightmares that he still hasn’t entirely awoken from.

Late one night, his old, high school girlfriend, Diana Armijo, calls begging for help. She believes the cult they escaped years ago has resurfaced in the mountain village nearby.

Can Benny face the demons of his past to tell the story of a lifetime?

If you like stories about ancient mysteries and desert towns plagued by evil than you will love Andrew Boylan’s tale of psychological terror.


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