Seven of Pentacles Lisa Shea

I just finished my Monday Time Management workshop. It’s a great way to start every week, to get organized and motivated. Now to start in on my posting videos, publishing books, and getting things done! So stoked for the progress! What are you up to today? Let me know if you’d like your own card! Here’s mine 🙂.

Seven of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles Lisa Shea

Traditional meaning:

This is a card of success and financial stability. It’s about a long-term process which will bear fruition. Rather than a get-rich-quick scheme, it’s about planning, being patient, and sticking to the course.

The card can also be about non-financial plans – about other goals in your life which mean a lot to you.

It is indicating that success is flowering. Take a moment to realize it and to see if there is any pruning or trimming to do to keep it flowing.

Aquarian Deck Interpretation:

The person in question is comfortable. They have a snug, nice hat and comfortable gloves. They even have a pretty walking stick. They should appreciate what they already have – it came because of their own efforts.

They are focusing on the largest item in the wealth of opportunities of coins. There is not just one coin there. There is many. They need to think about all of their blessings. They need to step back and see the big picture.
It seems from their current success that they have been developing these opportunities for a while. Rather than just staring at the big shiny thing, they need a wider view. A better appreciation of all they have.

The sky is clear. They are doing well. It’s good to have gratitude for that and to count all the blessings.

Cloister Deck Interpretation:

This is definitely a card of satisfaction with a job well done. Look at how the person is leaning on their staff, relaxing, relishing the strong growth of the beans or vines. There is no stress here. No concern. Everything is going well. The reason it’s going well is the hard work and effort put in until now.

The skies are blue. The landscape is serene. Everything is working out.

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