Narrating Audio Books Lisa Shea

Many authors write under pen names for a variety of reasons. It makes sense, if your book is published under a pen name, that you’ll want your audiobook to be published under that same pen name.

First, let’s be clear. A pen name CAN file for a copyright. That is fine. Many authors do that. Even if you choose to file through the US Copyright Office, to get that extra protection, their forms have the ability to handle a pen name field. You can be wholly protected and shielded. Nobody will ever know the actual person who wrote that work.

But if you head down this path you should have some sort of legal protection.

Somehow you need to establish that you, Lisa Shea, are also writing under your pen name, XXXX YYYYYY. Otherwise, let’s say you choose the pen name Stephen King before he becomes popular. Now he becomes popular and your works are “claimed” by him. How do you have recourse? How do you prove that you were actually using that pen name first and you own the rights to those works you wrote?

These are all issues to work out before you get to the audio book stage, of course. But if you haven’t resolved them yet, now is the time to get them under control. Chat with a lawyer.

In any case, know that whether you use ACX or any other system, you should be able to just make ONE account. You create your personal account for you as a person. Then you load in books for whatever pen names you write under. The system will be able to distinguish between whichever names you want to claim them under.

It’s up to you to remember, as you fill in the fields, that you put in the correct values for the book you’re setting up. If you end up putting your real name into all the fields that go along with your pen name book, then that will be shown to the world.

Always be attentive when filling in fields.

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