Three of Rods / Three of Staves

Hurrah! Hurrah! My trip to Newgate Prison in East Granby is still on for Tuesday!!!! This will finally release the block on a series of novellas I write, and also start up an entirely new series! I am so thrilled!! I’m going to be in prison tomorrow!! 🙂 Let me know if you’d like a card 🙂

Three of Rods

Traditional meaning: You’ve made your plans and are now working through them. Your path is solid so far. You are able to look even further into the future. To think about additional opportunities.

You need to be ready to accept changes as part of this. Risk, too. But the path is strong beneath your feet.

This is a card of success, often coming after a period of difficulty.

The card also represents that external help may be offered. If so, consider accepting it. We all help each other out.

Aquarian Deck:

The first things to catch my eye are the three rods. They look strong. Steady. Almost phallic with energy. They have beautiful flowers on their top, representing both beauty and strength.

However, the character doesn’t seem to see them. The person looks between them. The person doesn’t see the strength that is all around.

Our main character’s back is turned to the viewer. While they are wearing armor on his head and shoulders, the entire back is practically bare. It’s almost as if they are inviting an attack from behind.

The character gazes out into the blankness of space, not looking at anything. The scene in that direction is completely white.
To me this is a card reminding us to be aware. To be attentive. To think about what we have already – and to plan for what is to come. To watch for those challenges and dangers.

Still, the character has strength. They have on armor. They are in a position of protection. They just need to do a bit more research. Become a bit more aware.

Cloister Deck:

The imagery is wholly different with this card. Where the Aquarian deck has an empty world, this one is entirely about the world. The person is in a beautiful purple cloak and hat, comfortably standing on shore. They are looking out to three ships actively sailing off into the distance. I can’t help but think about the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria. That’s what comes to mind when I see three ships. They are off to explore new horizons. Take on new challenges. This is a card of joy and prosperity.

Or are they coming in? Are the ships bringing in bounty, having survived who-knows-what challenges?

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