If you’re an author, you know how important it is to have an eye-catching cover and marketing material. You are competing against hundreds of thousands of other books. If your book isn’t picked up in the first place, its writing will never be read.

Here are some ideas for FREE stock art to use in your promotions and cover. I will caveat that I always recommend paying at least some small price for a cover. Otherwise you’ll end up using a cover image that hundreds of authors are already using – some of them erotic authors. This can cause you no end of trouble and confusion. But with that being said, I understand that sometimes a starving author can’t even afford the $5 for a more unique cover. These free ones will at least get you started.





Make sure you always check the accreditation rules. Some artists want to get credit in your book (usually on the copyright page) that their work was used. Others don’t mind being uncredited. Respect artists’ copyrights. You want people to respect your copyright on what you create.

Finally, please NEVER just grab images off the web. Most images on the web are owned by an artist. It is copyright theft to use those images without consent. Always make sure any image you use is wholly copyright free before you use it for your projects.

Ask with any questions!

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