One of the most frustrating things to happen with a perfectly functional printer is when suddenly one color won’t print properly. Maybe you buy new ink for it. It doesn’t help. The problem is actually with your print head.

Here is how to clean the print head of your Canon i9100 printer.

Cleaning the Canon i9100 Print Head

You’ll want warm water, a syringe, and paper towels. Gloves are nice but not necessary.

Turn the printer on and open the cover so the print head seeks to the center spot. That lets you access the ink.

Take out all of the ink cartridges. Put them to the side.

Now lift the gray locking mechanism to remove the print head itself. Put it onto a paper towel.

You do NOT want to submerge this in water. This has electronics in it. Instead, use a syringe with warm water. Put a bubble on water onto each ink-destination circle. There will be six of them. Try not to touch the circle itself – that metal mesh is delicate.

The water should suck through the print head and out the bottom side. You’ll see it come out all a mish-mash of colors.

Keep doing this, moving to a fresh area of paper towel each time. As you go, the remaining ink left in the system should get less and less, so you should see less and less color on the paper towel. By the end the water should come through clear.

When it’s clean, put the head back into the printer and re-insert the ink.

Here’s the video explaining how to clean the Canon i9100 print head:

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