Bob’s grandfather, Walter Samora, had this banjo for as long as Bob can remember. The family lived in Yonkers, New York. Unfortunately Walter never played his instrument, so Bob just remembers the banjo being around the house. Bob is the musician in the family so it has come down to him.

I got some GREAT information from the forum site! Thank you so much guys!

From Bill: “It’s a Kay, made in Chicago, and presumably from the 1930s given the MOTS (Mother-of-Toilet Seat) fretboard. It’s a lower-end, mass-produced instrument, but is likely to be playable after setup without extensive work.”

From BeeGee: “Its a Stromberg-Voisinet from the 20’s-30’s. Waverly tailpiece. Mother-of-toilet-seat (pearloid) fingerboard. These were quite popular inexpensive banjos. The S-V name was changed to Kay in 1931.”

It is in need of tender loving care. It comes with a case, but the case is also separating and needs some tender loving care. Ask if you need any more detailed photos.

Available for $300.

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