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Today Tuesday April 28, 2020 is my blitz day with book marketing newsletters. There are many newsletters out there which readers sign up for, which promote discount or free books each day. Some of these newsletters have hundreds of thousands of subscribers. By getting your book into one or more of these newsletters, you instantly reach hundreds of thousands of readers in your specific genre who are actively wanting to read books. It creates an enormous upswell of sales, downloads, and reviews.

Spirits in the Material World is currently #2 in free Cozy Mysteries, #3 in free Women Sleuths, and #20 in the entire Amazon free Kindle store. I have had 4,481 downloads of that book so far. I achieved that by multi-stacking several book newsletters all at once. The book is FREE – I highly recommend always promoting a FREE book. It gets you the most downloads and reviews, which then drives for-pay sales after that.

Here is what I am running today.

Book Basset
This is a reliable newsletter that is inexpensive. It has the lowest hurdle in terms of “how many reviews your book needs to have” to be accepted. Therefore, this is good for a book that’s starting out. Normally you should use the regular feature. Only ever use the multi-book feature if you have multiple books in DIFFERENT STORYLINES. That is, few people are ever going to order books 2, 3, 4, of a series all at once. So if you choose the 5-book package make sure they are five wholly separate standalone books and are clearly listed as such.  I’m using the 5-book Featured Author Post: $21.99 (regular one-book post $8.99)

Here is the page. Please click on a link in there, they’re all free. The more clicks, the higher my ranking :).

The Fussy Librarian
A massive newsletter set by genre. Lots and lots of readers. Their emails show TINY thumbnails of the covers, so it shows again why it’s absolutely critical that your cover really catch the eye at that tiny size. Free cozy mysteries are $43 to promote.

This is a MASSIVE list which requires pre-approval. It can take up to a week for them to vet and approve your book, so you want to make sure you’ve used the smaller lists to build up your review count before trying this one out. Their main page has nearly 500,000 Facebook likes. Their pricing is based on your genre and your discount price. A free mystery is $50 to promote.

FreeBooksy is even larger. It has newsletters divvied up specifically by genre, so you’re sure you’re reaching your exact target audience. I ran in the mystery genre one. People getting this love mysteries and want tor read them. The cozy mystery list has 252,000 names on it and is $90 to be on. I’ll note that many of the other mystery authors currently on the Amazon top sellers are also on this list, so this is how authors get the high ranking. They pay for it.

Please download my Spirits in the Material World book today – FREE – to help its ranking rise. I’m aiming for #1 of course :).

The mother-of-all-lists is BookBub, which is around $400 to run in and is VERY VERY hard to get into. Many authors try for years without being accepted. You have to get a lot of reviews and then try every month to get the timing right to get accepted there. I’ve been accepted several times but it’s not easy. So that is what you work toward. They can get you to #1 on the entire Amazon listing.

Ask with any questions!

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