WOOOO HOOOOOO!! I just tried the automated data conversion in MySQL. I imported my EnjoyMA entire website database from MSSQL (Microsoft) to MySQL. It imported it!! Without failing!! With everything I’ve been going through I am celebrating this victory 


EnjoyMA.com is one of my medium-sized websites – my goal is to visit every one of the 351 towns and cities in Massachusetts to share something about each one.

How much of your home state have you seen?


  1. When is the 16th book of Sword of Glastonbury coming out? I have absolutely loved reading this series, and now am eagerly waiting for the next book.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoy that series! I am working on the next book and will post as I make progress! I took a break to work on several of my other series, like the cozy witch mystery for Halloween.

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