I am running an ad today with the Fussy Librarian book marketing newsletter. It is for a free promotion of my cozy witch mystery. Here is the listing on Fussy Librarian –


The cozy mystery category is $38 to do a run. The price varies based on how popular the category is, from $15 to $38. Here’s the price list.


This Fussy Librarian newsletter is QUITE effective. It reaches hundreds of thousands of active buyers. Due to this run I am currently in the top 100 of the entire Amazon system and am #7 in my target genre of cozy animal mystery. This should then get me lots more buyers who see me because I’m a top result in searches right now, and I’m showing up on all the best-seller lists, and so on. There is a massive ripple effect that happens when a book gets this high. That then gets me more reviews, which means I can then submit my book to even bigger newsletters, and so on.

Here’s the book. Please ‘buy’ it (for free) if you haven’t already. You don’t have to read it. Just the act of you buying it will climb me higher in the lists which is a huge help.


Also, please like and share any posts you see about this. It all helps immensely.

My aim right now is to get to 10 reviews. That’s the next threshold for the bigger newsletters. 

I’ll note that the reason I could put this book to free is that it’s in Kindle Unlimited. With Kindle Unlimited you can choose 5 days in your three-month contract to do a free promotion. So you time those promotions with your book newsletter runs. It’s a powerful benefit of the Kindle Unlimited program. That being said, Kindle Unlimited requires you to be wholly exclusive with Amazon (with your ebook only), so that’s a choice to make. 

Also, it’s fair to say that the window for high sales of Halloween content is about to end. This book will still sell, of course, but not the way it does in October. So I’ll be changing my focus over to the softer Christmassy stories now.

Ask with any questions!

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