It’s bizarre to even think that. Bob and I have subscribed to Netflix from pretty much the very beginning. Their site says 1997. It could have been that early. I don’t even see in my account to determine when we joined. We were actively getting DVDs and sending back DVDs long, long ago. Then slowly we switched to online.

Then for years we were online only. Now we are contemplating cancelling because Amazon has better options. It is stunning how quickly technology changes. We have a four-level shelf of DVDs and don’t watch them because it’s easier to just find things on our TV.

How do you watch movies?


  1. We had Netflix for ages too; only let it go w/we were in places where we couldn’t play the DVDs, thought about trying their digital collection but didn’t feel it had enough. Wife & I are very happy with our Prime selections (though have “everything” included is always better – maybe, lol ?) .

  2. My hubby still enjoys buying blu-ray for special, to him/us, movies. But, most of the time it is NetFlix with some Amazon Prime.

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