I need help. This is an actual question although it seems like a silly question. Why, in the Exorcist, did an ancient demon take over a random young teen girl to make her throw up and spider-walk in order to scare her parents?

Longer version: I saw the Exorcist as a too-young child and it caused me to become quite scared of anything horror, even until now when I am 50. I finally decided it was pretty unhealthy for me to still at this age to be scared of random occult stuff. There’s enough real things to be scared of. So I’ve been trying to approach this issue.

I used to say “I write anything but horror”. That seemed self-limiting for no reason. I have been working toward it. I’ve also been trying to figure out just why The Exorcist upset me so much. Let’s see. The little girl pukes on people. Heck, I’ve been around enough sick and drunk people in my life that that shouldn’t be a problem. She swears. Hah. Is it that she contorts? Should yoga upset me? And, really, why should an ancient, powerful demon be spending his time causing a barely-teen girl to contort and swear in order to upset her parents? Is this some sort of 1970s “teen girls should be pure” thing?

I wanted to write my own horror short story to finally address this, to get it out of my system, but I’ve faced a problem. Any type of demon I can imagine who would go around grabbing a young teen girl to force them to do bizarre sexual things sounds like Epstein and just a pedophile, not something occult and scary. It, rather, sounds like a disgusting old man who needs to be locked up (or to be “nudged into suicide”).

Was there really ever any “reason” that an all-powerful demon was wasting his time doing this?

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