I found a fully fed deer tick behind my knee this morning. Bob pulled it off but it managed to escape, so I couldn’t send it in for testing. I did go in to the clinic to get Doxycycline which should prevent Lyme disease.

If you don’t know about tick testing, I highly recommend it. You just send them the tick in a Ziplock and in 3 days they email you a full report about any diseases that tick carries.

Watch out for ticks! Lyme disease isn’t any fun.


I wore my Wicked Good Books t-shirt for good luck so I’m invincible 🙂

The doctor who treated me told me that, just that very day, her own son had been diagnosed with Lyme disease. They never even saw the tick. Now they have to deal with Lyme as an established illness in his body. She was really interested in my experiences with the UMass-Amherst program that tests and reports on ticks. Here’s info on Lyme and doxycycline. 


A friend warned me about another issues which ticks can carry, which relate to red meat consumption –


Here’s information about ticks in general –


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