If you’re an author, you should definitely look into the contest offered by BiblioBoard. This contest offers cash prizes on a state / province basis. For example, the winner in Minnesota gets $1,000. The winner in Wisconsin gets $1,000. And so on.

There are a variety of states and regions which participate in this, each one awarding its own prizes. California. Texas. Florida. Connecticut. Virginia. So on.

This is ONLY open to Indie Published books. Its purpose is to help indie published books get publicity and acclaim.

Part of what this program does is bolster the SELF-e ebook program used by many libraries around the world. Authors submit their books to the SELF-e program. Libraries subscribe to BiblioBoard / SELF-e so that their patrons can get access to all those books. It’s amazing, free marketing for all the authors. Many people who read a book in a library then go buy it and tell their friends about it if they really love it. I always highly recommend that authors get into as many libraries as humanly possible for that reason.

I happen to live in Massachusetts. I want to note that Massachusetts is NOT a participant in the BiblioBoard / SELF-e system. They used to be. I used to have quite a lot of my books available in this system. But in June 2018, Massachusetts decided to opt out of the system. So our libraries no longer have access. Instead, Massachusetts libraries use the Overdrive system.

You can see my Lisa Shea books available in OverDrive here, to see how OverDrive works –


To put your books into OverDrive, you just use the Draft2Digital system. That lets you, with one click, have your books distributed to a number of different systems like iTunes, Nook, and, yes, OverDrive. So I definitely recommend if you’re an author who is not Kindle Exclusive that you have your books available through Draft2Digital to get to the OverDrive market.


But, back to the contest. Definitely see if your state is participating in the for-cash aspect of this contest. Even if your state is NOT participating, you can still load in books to the system. The LibraryJournal staff will be reviewing all entries from all over the world. They will choose their favorite entries to be available across the system. So your books could still be chosen for world-wide distribution, to give you that huge marketing reach.


Let me know how it goes, and GOOD LUCK!!

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