Did you know that you can get FREE easy direct marketing from Amazon which sends email blasts out to all your loyal fans? And it comes right from the Amazon servers?

Here’s how it works.

Amazon just emailed news of my latest book out to all of my followers.

Authors – this is why you want to release new books on a regular schedule. Each time you do, Amazon will alert all your followers both about the new book and remind them about your other books. It’s free, powerful marketing. Note that you MUST tie your book into your Author Central page for this to work. That’s how people follow you. Here’s mine to show how the Author Central page works.

If you don’t have an Author Central page yet, go to:


to set yours up. Ask with questions and I’m happy to help. If you post your AuthorCentral link in the comments, I’ll make sure to follow you and, if you want, offer some suggestions.

This email is another powerful reminder of why your cover MUST be powerful at a small size. Amazon shows people tiny thumbnails. Readers choose to click or not click based on that tiny thumbnail. If the tiny thumbnail is muddy or unclear, they won’t click. Make sure that tiny thumbnail pops! Look, for example, at the tiny ad they put at the top of the newsletter. Look at how small that promo book’s image is. Will it catch the eye even at that tiny size? If not, it’s time for some polishing of the cover!

Let’s also note that Amazon does not show ANY blurb or description with this promo. Amazon only shows the cover and title. So many times in Amazon’s system all a reader sees is the cover and title. The cover and title MUST clearly convey what a book is about and also grab its target audience. If your target audience is fantasy then the cover must scream fantasy and appeal to fantasy readers so much that they say “That looks cool! I want to learn more about that book!” Don’t rely on your blurb to do that. If someone never clicks on a cover, they’ll never see your blurb.

Ask with questions!


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