If you’re an author, you need to be on Twitter. Facebook is great for reaching existing fans; Twitter is amazing at reaching future fans. Post your Twitter link below so we can all follow you. If you don’t have a page yet, make one and then post it!

Some key tips:

* Always include an image of some sort. Images are key on all social networking platforms. Even if it’s an image of your book with a mug of coffee, or your book with a cat, or just your book, use that image space.

* Always use 2-3 *popular* hashtags. Using a rarely-used hashtag is wasting your space. Don’t try to create hashtags. Use hashtags that have proven popularity. Rotate through new ones to draw in new eyeballs.

* Put #IARTG at the end of your account description, follow @IARTG, and occasionally use that hashtag. Occasionally retweet other authors who use that hashtag. That then encourages all those 66,000+ IARTG members to like and share your posts. Remember, Twitter is a community. You need to like and share other authors’ posts to have them do the same for you.

* Like and share posts relating to your topic area. Again, if all you do is post about yourself and never interact with anyone else, it’s unlikely people will interact with you. The more you behave like a community member, the more likely other members in the community will like, share, and support your posts.

Ask with any questions! Good luck!

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