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Many people have a negative impression of Twitter because of politics. That’s fine – it’s OK not to like Twitter. But you really need to learn how to USE Twitter to market your products. Twitter is the #1 best way to reach strangers about your books and products. Facebook primarily markets to your friends and fans. Twitter gets to those millions who have never heard of you.

If you don’t have a Twitter account yet, now’s the time to do it. Go to and sign up. It’s free. If nothing else, you can “like” our group’s posts to help us gain visibility. It takes no effort and helps us immensely. 

Here’s some tips when you’re ready to start making marketing posts on Twitter.

Every post should always have an image with it. The image catches the reader’s eyes. No image, and your post visibility drops like a stone.

A key on Twitter (and other social networks) is you want your post to be liked and shared, so others see it. That means you want to phrase your post to be intriguing, fun, etc. Something that a person would say “Yes I agree!”. It’s why inspirational quotes do so well. Post fun factoids. Post cute sayings. You’re a writer – you can simply post about writing sometimes. The more people who know about you and follow you, the more they will then see your book-related posts.

I write romance novels. Sure, 16% of romance novel readers are male. That’s fairly well known. But if I invested my time chasing those 16% to see my posts – never mind to publicly SHARE them – that would be an exercise in futility. It makes far more sense to focus on the 84% who are female and far more likely to be willing to publicly share that interest. Study your genre. Know your demographics. Target them and make posts that group would be eager to share.

Twitter has limited space. If you then use hashtags that nobody will ever see, that’s a waste of valuable space. Make sure every hashtag you use is a high-volume one. You can see that yourself by searching on them – like #MondayMotivation or #AmWriting or whatever you choose. See the results. If you only get a few results, don’t use it. Your aim here is to reach as many people as possible with each post.

Ask with any questions, and let me know what your Twitter account is! Even a few posts a week can make an immense difference in your projects and in helping all of us succeed!

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