I just drew the Seven of Swords for a friend. It might resonate with some here.

Traditional meaning:
We are stressed out, overwhelmed, and we feel like a victim. Things are just not going right and it’s frustrating. However, this card cautions that as much as we might think it, we are not helpless victims in this. In part it is our own point of view and reactions which is causing this fix we are in.

Yes, life is not smooth. That’s the way life is. We must look with open eyes at the problems and find a way around them. Rather than bowing our head and feeling like a helpless victim, we must acknowledge our part in all of it, get a clear look at the issues, and then take action to make things better.

My Interpretation:
A man – some sort of an elegant noble – is carrying five swords while another two are stuck in the ground behind him. The five swords almost look like they’re going into his back and neck. The remaining two swords look like they’re pinning his cloak into the ground, so he can’t move forward.

His head is bowed, and this is quite a lot of metal for him to be lugging on his own. Even the back of his cloak seems harsh, like woven boards.

The sky is gloomy and cloudy, and there are ominous mountains ahead. Somehow he has gotten himself into this predicament. He doesn’t even seem like he was a soldier involved in the fighting – he’s dressed cleanly and nicely with an elegant hat. And yet somehow he’s here in the middle of it now. He needs to look up, see the mountains, and decide what he’s going to do.

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