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If you’re ready to work from home, this is where you begin! I provide over 800 pages and images of step by step instructions help you work from home and achieve your dreams. It’s all FREE and online.

I was once a well-paid database programmer, but years of stressful work caused me to burn out on my job. The office politics, the daily commute, the grind of doing what other people felt were important, all combined to cause me to actively dislike going in to work every day. Life is FAR too short to be deliberately unhappy. It’s important to enjoy what you do all day!

I made it a priority to study and learn how to work from home, for myself. Once I had a plan, I worked on it daily. I am happy to say that it has been very successful. There is no magic get-rich-quick pill! The money fairy does not exist. However, if you research properly and apply yourself, there are thousands of success stories to prove this can be done. Read on to learn more about running your own home business so you, too, can work from home. I have over 500 pages of valuable information here, so take your time! It’s all online, and it’s all FREE.

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Planning your Home Business

This section helps you learn about get rich quick schemes and avoiding work from home scams. It also steps you through self evaluations to help you decide if you’re really ready to work from home, and what your best skills are.

Setting Up Your Home Office

It’s always good to get prepared before you begin your new project. Learn what the basic supplies you need for your office area, and set things up to be ergonomic so you don’t injure yourself. Understand the laws and regulations involved, consider whether you want to be a Sole Proprietor or a DBA. Get ideas for health and dental insurance. There are even computer and laptop reviews.

Computers and Cell Phones

Having a computer and cell phone is almost a hard requirement in our modern world. These reviews help you optimize your email, set up your accounting software, and get your system running smoothly to support your business dreams.

Names, Logos and Words

It’s important to protect your valuable assets. Make sure that you take the time to design a logo that will stand out and get you recognition. Then make a concerted effort to trademark, servicemark or register that logo and name you have chosen. It is often quick and inexpensive to do this on a state level. Finally, be sure to copyright any content you create.

Finances and Accounting

Even if you are bored with the thought of accounting, it is critical that you do it properly. If you do it with a computer program and update it each month, it can be really quick and easy. Most banks are online in these modern times, so all you do is hit “download” and then “accept”. It makes your taxes very easy, and helps ensure that you focus on your most promising income streams.

Tax Issues

Many people fear taxes, but the IRS has really done a good job of making the tax paperwork for a small business quite simple. Normally, all you do is attach a Schedule C form to your regular 1040 tax filing. Read on for advice on keeping records, handling deductions, contractors, 1099s, and quarterly estimates.

Marketing and Networking

If you want to have sales and customers, you need to make sure your potential customers know about you. It’s critical that you spend time every month on marketing and networking, so that your company keeps a steady revenue stream.

Leadership and Mentoring

As your business grows, you will begin to work with contractors, interns, helpers, and employees. It’s critical that you build an ethical culture and interact with these individuals with respect and fairness in order for everyone to prosper and meet their goals.

Creating an iPhone App

You’ve probably heard from many sources how amazingly powerful having an iPhone app can be for your business. There are millions of users out there, and only a small number of apps! Get yourself heard in that audience!

Promotional Items

I’ve tried many promotional items over the years, large and small, to help promote my various businesses. Here are reviews of specific items and companies I have used.

Legal Issues for Home Businesses

It’s a fact of modern society that people love to sue each other. It’s that get-rich-quick mentality. If someone finds a fly in their McBurger, they figure they can sue McDonalds for trauma and make an easy million. You shouldn’t be paranoid – but you should also take basic steps to keep yourself protected.

Small Business Ideas

A range of sample ideas are covered, from bird breeding, craft making, ebay auctions, genealogy, sales and telemarketing, webmaster design, and website content / ebook sales.

Travel Tips and Accessories

Every businessperson has to travel at least some of the time – to meet clients, to go on sales calls, or to attend a conference. Even short trips to the next town are more efficient if you have the proper accessories. Here are tips on how to make your travel plans go as smoothly as possible.

Small Business Book Reviews

Build up your library of valuable reference books, to help you learn techniques for everything from finances to better selling techniques. I’ve got over 100 books reviewed in this area!

Online Degrees

A key to running ANY sort of business is to build up skills and to keep growing those skills over time. This can come in the form of local classes, networking events, and earning an online degree. Here are my experiences with getting an online degree.

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NOTE: The image in the top photo is from my trip to Cancun. Because I work from home, I was able to escape for a quick weekend with my mother and sister to visit Cancun a few years ago. It was a memory I will treasure forever.

My Qualifications

I run several websites from my house. Together they bring in over 25 million pageviews each month. These include:, the 2nd largest women’s website in the world, all about wine, romance advice and tips

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