What do they say about the best laid plans of mice and writers? I began sending all of my launch day messages with our great promotion offers on January 23rd – and we overwhelmed our mail servers so badly that many people still haven’t gotten their offer yet! We definitely want people to be able to use the offer once they get the email; it would seem unfair for them to get the offer after it has expired already.

So, to make things fair for everyone, we’re going to extend our discount offers through Valentine’s Day. Our mail servers are chugging along slowly but surely through all of the mailing lists, and that should give them ample time to get the word out to everybody. I also got a lot of auto responses from people saying “I’m on vacation in Bermuda!” so this will help account for all of the escape-the-snow readers who are enjoying sunnier climes 🙂

So remember, the list of our fantastic discounts for massage oils, romantic travel planning, gorgeous floral journals and much more can be found here –

“http://www.weddingsandcourtships.com/blog/launchoffer.asp”Weddings & Courtships Launch Offer Discounts

As the Italian say –
Amor nuovo va e viene, amore vecchio si mantiene
New love comes and goes, while long term love is steady

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