Wisdom Tooth Removal Tips Photos

I was extremely lucky in my genetics. I was born with only one wisdom tooth, in the top right side of my mouth. In fact, it was a very well behaved wisdom tooth for 38 years of my life. It sat up there, under the gum line, not causing any difficulties at all. I was happy to leave it there.

Wisdom teeth However, around age 38 or 39 it started actually moving out to the surface of the gum. It wanted to be out with all the other teeth. It didn't hurt at all, but now it started to push all the other teeth out of line. I had gone through the trouble of braces while I was a teenager to get my teeth straight. All that hard work was now being undone by one pushy tooth. My bite was no longer closing properly, which then causes all sorts of jaw issues.

Also, to be fair, my dentists had been telling me all along to remove it, so it didn't cause any problems by being in there. I had only refused because I hate dental procedures and "why bother if it is OK in there".

It was time to get it out of my head.

Here is how it went!

XRay and Pre-Visit
The Wisdom Tooth Removal
The First 12-24 Hours
Day 2

Once the wisdom tooth was out, I was now ready to move on to Invisalign Braces to fix my tooth alignment problem.

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