Mercury Amalgam Removal

Like many children growing up in the 1970s, I ate candy, and I ended up with cavities that were filled with mercury fillings. There never was a question - you had a cavity, you got mercury put into your head. Even with all we know about the dangers of mercury, it was considered a logical thing to do. Keep in mind this is back when thermometers had mercury and kids like me would play with broken thermometers by pushing the mercury around with our fingers :) Nowadays they'd call in a HazMat team to handle the spill.

So here it is 2011 and of my three cavities two of them over the years had been replace by non-mercury fillings, called composite fillings. However I still had one mercury amalgam filling left.

I run a website that relates to health issues so I'm deluged with books about health to review. It seems that the last ten in a row, about a wide range of subjects from Alzheimer's to being healthy in your later years to eating in a healthy way all had one thing in common - they all recommended quite strongly that any mercury fillings in your head should be removed as soon as possible.

Until now there was some hesitation in the dental world about replacing a mercury filling with a composite filling because they felt the composite fillings didn't last as long or behave as durably in molars. However, recent studies indicate that white composite fillings are now stronger than mercury ones and last longer. So that sounded good to me.

My only hurdle now was my strong fear of dental procedures. Even just getting a cleaning is stressful for me. For some reason a combination of a very small mouth and very sensitive gums means that even just getting a cleaning is painful. They have to stretch my mouth very wide to do their tasks, use a child-sized xray set half the time, and the tools still end up scraping my mouth raw. When they have to use a needle on me, for whatever reason the numbing solution never works and it feels as if they're jabbing me with red hot pokers.

Still, all of that being said, I decided the long term issues of mercury in my head were far worth addressing. I could live through 20 minutes of trouble to then get 40+ years of health and clear thinking. So I made my appointment.

Here are my notes!

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I'll note that I understand that some dentists believe that mercury exposure isn't a big problem. I respect their right to feel that way. For me, I want to have as little mercury as possible in my body, and avoiding unnecessary mercury fillings is a big part of that.

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