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Back as a teenager I had very crooked teeth and had metal braces to fix them. It hurt a lot and was troublesome, but in the end my teeth worked properly which is of course important for good health :) I had only one wisdom tooth in my head - the upper right. My doctors kept saying to pull it out, but I refused because I hate dental procedures. The tooth was under the gumline. Why mess with it if it was nice and quiet?

invisalign photo Then in my 30s that wisdom tooth finally began to erupt. It pushed all my teeth out of line, which then causes jaw alignment problems, headaches, etc. I gave in. I had my wisdom tooth pulled, which is here - Wisdom Tooth Removal Blog.

So now the tooth was gone - but my other teeth were all misaligned (again). If I'd listened to the doctors, and pulled that wisdom tooth years ago, I would have been fine. Now, however, I had to go through braces (again) to get my teeth back into healthy shape.

Invisaligns are clear plastic tray braces that move your teeth progressively, by using a new tray every 2-4 weeks and wearing that tray for 24 hours a day while it's that tray's time period. The boyfriend of a good friend of mine had used Invisaligns and loved them. My nephew was using Invisaligns and loved them. I opted for trying the Invisaligns, figuring they would not rip my lips apart like the metal ones had done.

Here is how it went!

How Invisaligns Work
Care of an Invisalign Tray
How Clear are Invisaligns?

Initial Visit for Invisaligns
Getting Impressions and Photos Done

Starting with Tray 1
Wearing Tray 1

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