Ruby - Gemstone of Leo

The red ruby is the fiery gemstone for Leo the lion. The ruby comes in various shades of red and is associated with fire, love and passion. Historically, the ruby was from India and was one of the most sought-after gemstones for its color and hardness.

A ruby is actually composed of the very hard, colorless mineral corundum, with chrome and iron adding the red color. Corundum tinged with other colors are called sapphires.

Rubies were also thought by the ancients to have healing properties. In the culture of India, rubies were thought to control the stomach, and rubies would be used to handle stomach problems and disorders.

Rubies were the stones of peace and contentment, something that many leos strive for. Warriors would put rubies under their skin to bring a quick end to battle. Many people wore rubies as a way to settle disputes amongst warring factions. The ruby was even given as a present after a fight, to soothe away the angry feelings and bring a new happiness to the situation.

With Leos and their fiery tempers, the ruby seems the perfect stone for this sign!

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