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I update this website daily, so there are often many new photos of me in the travelogues section. This is a summary of the past five years of photos! Most of the time I grow my hair out for a few years, chop it off for Locks of Love, and then begin growing it out again. I am happiest when it's long, and a bit angsty when it's short :) Still, it's for a good cause!

lisa shea photo
June 2006 - taken as my author photo for the Weddings & Courtships book covers

lisa shea photo
August 2009 - on our cruise to Bermuda

lisa shea photo
October 2009 - my Halloween costume, medieval of course :)

lisa shea photo
August 2010 - at one of Bob's gigs

lisa shea photo
May 2011 - preparing to sell my hair so I can donate the money to Heifer, a charity group. This is one of the photos in the sale photo set.

lisa shea photo
July 2011 - enjoying the sunshine of San Diego with my BellaOnline editors.

I've also got photos from earlier years online!

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