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Guys I Have Dated

Every one of us is drawn to a partner in life for different reasons. Some people crave security. Some crave excitement. Some look for the latest MTV-inspired beauty. Examining the partners that a person ends up with can tell you a lot about what that person is all about.

Here are the guys I've dated seriously (more than 6 months) over the years. Making a list of who you have been interested, and why, is a really good exercise for anyone. It's a standard task in many creative writing courses. Creating this list tells you a great deal about how you have grown over the years. Our tastes change, our interests change as we age. A person who is perfect for you at age 13 could be a completely bad match for you at age 23. It's not that they are "bad" or that you are "bad". It's simply that you have different goals, different interests, at different stages in your life.

In the end what is critically important for a healthy relationship is a shared set of values. Looks change. Fortunes change. A hobby you love when you are 15 could hold no interest when you are 35. To base a relationship on something as fleeting as 'handsome body' or 'nice job' is short-sighted. What really matters in life is that you two share core common values. Those values will hold you together as the world goes through its roller-coaster ups and downs.

Jeff W - First Boyfriend
Rob N - Sweet Second
Tim S - College Husband
Charles M - Child-Like Philosopher
Ryan B - Perpetual Liar
Bob S - Musician and Partner

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