Setting Up a PMC Kiln

I own a Evenheat E360 PMC Kiln. All of my photos and notes are of me using this specific kiln, although I imagine the same information can translate easily to any other kiln mean to to work with glass and PMC clay.

This particular kiln comes with NO instructions at all (other than how to set specific temperatures on its controller). I have learned these set up instructions on my own, with the help of various books and forums, over time.

First, here is the kiln -

Evenheat E360 PMC Kiln

Any kiln gets VERY hot and draws a lot of current. Step 1 is to make sure you have this plugged into a safe outlet that does not have other things loaded into its circuit. We had everything else on this same circuit turned OFF for maximum safety.

Next, we had a fire extinguisher near at hand by the kiln. No matter how much you prepare, you never can tell what hot temperatures are going to do.

We had the kiln on an insulated metal cookie sheet, which was then on plastic pot holders, which was then on a plastic cutting board on the table. The multiple layers of insulation help to ensure that no surface gets overheated.

Evenheat E360 PMC Kiln

We always keep a notebook, a pen, a clock and a timer right by the kiln. That way we can keep track of what we are doing at every step. These notes are invaluable for going back over time and seeing what works and what doesn't work.

In addition, we have a directional thermometer. You can buy these at many stores. You point the thermometer at a heat source, press a button and it tells you instantly the temperature of what you're pointing at. This can be critical for knowing what is going on with your kiln.

We have heat resistant gloves for touching hot items. Never touch any item you take out of a kiln, even if you think it has "cooled down". Objects in a kiln often retain heat for far longer than you think they might.

Evenheat E360 PMC Kiln
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