How to Use a PMC Kiln

I own a Evenheat E360 PMC Kiln. All of my photos and notes are of me using this specific kiln, although I imagine the same information can translate easily to any other kiln mean to to work with glass and PMC clay.

It is CRITICAL to keep a notebook and pen by your kiln. That way you can take notes as you go, record what happens and why. Those notes will form your journal of how to use your specific kiln through all its moods.

Here are my notes from my usage of my Evenheat E360 Kiln. Note that I did NOT bother running it through an "empty test run" when I first got it. I wanted to see what it did to silver PMC immediately :) To learn how I created my silver PMC sheet objects, look at my PMC Sheet Clay Tips.

Evenheat E360 PMC Kiln

Evenheat E360 PMC Kiln

They must go on a "shelf" to keep them properly supported. For a three dimensional shape such as a crane, they need to be held up on vermiculite (found at any garden store) for support. Vermiculite can be used a few times before it wears down and needs to be discarded.

To fire the PMC clay, I began by planning to fire three items made from PMC Silver sheet (origami). These needed to be cooked at 30 minutes at 1470F according to the PMC Silver Sheet guide.

We put our shelf into the unit and closed the door.

Evenheat E360 PMC Kiln

We plugged the kiln into a safe outlet - nothing else was on that circuit - and ensured a fire extinguisher was nearby. Then we turned it on.

The unit first said ln-6

Then it said idle / 0053 in alternating flashes.

We hit the PROGRAM button. It said "stnd" for the standard program.

We hit the PROGRAM button again. It said (degree) F1 1650.

We hit the down arrow to reduce that aim temperature to 1470F.

We hit the PROGRAM button again. It now said HOLD (i.e. how long to hold at that temperature).

We hit the down arrow until it said 0.30 - i.e. a half hour. As you move through selections it starts out moving slowly but then speeds up.

We hit the PROGRAM button again. It now says Strt.

Press PROGRAM one final time. It says -On- and then 55F as it starts to heat up.

Evenheat E360 PMC Kiln

When it runs the light begins flashing.

It heats up amazingly quick. In 8 minutes it had hit 1100F. Using our temperature monitor we foudn the hold at the top was about 27%F by now, as was the "view window" but everything around the kiln was OK.

At 11 minutes it was at 1302F.

By 14 minutes in it was at the ideal temperature.

Evenheat E360 PMC Kiln

It ran for the 30 minutes, then began flasing 00.44 (the time) and the temperature as it descended (1310) and CPLE.

Evenheat E360 PMC Kiln

We popped open the door SLIGHTLY to help it cool down.

The temperature dropped very quickly. A half hour later it was down to 290. At this point we opened the door fully and powered it off.

Evenheat E360 PMC Kiln

When silver objects come out of a kiln they look white. This is NOTE the clay or an outer layer. It is the actual silver, "sticking up" slightly. You then have to finish the silver so it looks like what you would expect silver to look like.

Evenheat E360 PMC Kiln
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