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If you are going to work with precious metal clay, you MUST have a kiln. Yes, you can try to fire these clays with blowtorches but the clay is VERY expensive. I would really not want to destroy a gold (real gold) jewelry object because you skimped on buying a little torch to do the firing process with. Yes, a kiln costs a lot. I would suggest you work with a local craft club to get access to their kiln to build up your skills and then buy your own.

Evenheat E360 PMC Kiln I did a TON of research before buying my own kiln. With the money you're spending on one, you really have to. I saw many horror stories from people who destroyed their multi-hundreds-of-dollars silver or gold object by having a cheap kiln or torch. It convinced me that I wanted to have a solid, reliable kiln to put my objects into.

The Evenheat E360 PMC Kiln is expensive. That is true. However, it also gets incredibly high ratings from everyone who uses it. Again, if I was putting $1 origami pieces into it I wouldn't mind if they burnt up every once in a while. If I'm putting $300 silver-and-gold objects into it, and they roast into burnt cinders, that is a bit more troubling. As of my research in early 2009 the cost was around $550 (MetalClaySupplyStore) depending on where you looked.

This kiln is 8" x 8" (floor area) x 6" high in terms of firing space.

It took about a month for my kiln to arrive, shipped direct from the manufacturer. Prepare for that time. It was well packaged. It came with a kiln shelf and 4 little posts to hold it up. Here are photos of it brand new, out of the box.

Evenheat E360 PMC Kiln
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