Finishing a PMC Silver Item

When you finish firing a PMC - Precious Metal Clay - piece, it is going to look milky white if it's silver, or milky gold if it's gold. This is NOT the clay or any other powder. Rather, it is the metal itself, standing up slightly off the surface. You need to now burnish or treat this if you want it to look like "traditional" silver or gold.

PMC Sheet Clay

This image shows the hat and fish fully brushed, but the crane is only HALF brushed. The wing nearest to you is still the natural, milky look of the unbrushed crane.

You can get a brass brush at most hardware stores in the soldering section or even in the paint / wallpaper section. The key is to draw the brush gently but smoothly over your silver or gold until the milky white fades down into a smooth polish. If you prefer a more matte polish, you can use the harsher stainless steel brushes you'll find in those same areas.

Both below images were done with the brass brush.

PMC Sheet Clay

PMC Sheet Clay

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