PMC - Precious Metal Clay

A key reason I began working with polymer clay is that I really wanted to give the imbued-metal clays a try - but they require an expensive kiln to work with. So I figured I'd try the polymer clays, which are cheap and cook in a regular oven, to see how much I enjoyed the process in general. I fell in love with the polymers! It was definitely time to "move up" to PMC clays.

PMC Silver Jewelry The great benefit of PMC is that it is REAL SILVER and REAL GOLD. This also means this craft can be expensive depending on the current market price of silver and gold. I would highly recommend you play with regular polymer clays first and get the techniques down. That way when you're working with real silver and gold you are already well versed in the skills to create a beautiful item, and can use those skills on the actual metals.

I am primarily interested in PMC sheet clay - the flat clay used for making origami. If you want to work with this paper style of clay, I highly recommend you practice with origami paper for WEEKS to get the folds down. You want to be sure you are very familiar with the folds and the small size of the paper before you begin with actual silver.

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