Metallic Polymer Clay Pendants

A key reason I began working with polymer clay is that I really wanted to give the imbued-metal clays a try - but they require an expensive kiln to work with. So I figured I'd try the polymer clays, which are cheap and cook in a regular oven, to see how much I enjoyed the process in general. I fell in love with the polymers!

There are three main ways to work with metallic colors in polymer clay. First, you can simply use a metal-colored clay. The clays come in gold, silver, copper, and other colors. The center swirl in the "shield" pendant below is half gold, half black. They aren't very shiny, but they give the general impression of color.

Next, you can use a metallic flake to mix in with the clay or dust over it before you fire it. THat is how the dusting on the other pieces here was done. You can get a powdered sugar effect, or a solid gold effect as in the solid golden pendant below.

Finally, you can paint a piece with gold paint once it is done firing.

Gold Black Indents Polymer Clay Pendant Gold Black Indent Pendant

Purple Spiral Polymer Clay Pendant Purple Spiral Pendant

Shield Polymer Clay Pendant Shield Pendant

Black Green Sphere Polymer Clay Pendant Black Green Sphere

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Metallic Polymer Clay Pendants
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