Gemstone Polymer Clay Pendants

Gemstones have been valued since the very beginning of mankind's history. The Egyptians loved the blues of lapis lazuli. The Romans adorned themselves with pearls. Diamonds have been associated with weddings for many centuries. I enjoy the rich meaning of gemstones, the fact that many meanings of specific gemstones have been understood for over 1,000 years.

Amethyst Spiral Polymer Clay Pendant Amethyst Spiral
I love amethyst, the rich purple stone which traditionally is associated with wine. I also connect greatly with the imagery of the spiral, representing the path we all take through life.

Malachite Pair Polymer Clay Pendant Malachite Pair
Malachite is a favored stone of my darling sister. These stones represent the strength and love of our sisterhood, and the beauty of the life that surrounds us.

Malachite Spiral Polymer Clay Pendant Malachite Spiral
I adore this piece! I have always loved motion in artistry. In high school, I was docent for a museum exhibit where a ball would drop from wire cage to wire track, moving in circles and spirals. I could watch it for hours.

Tiger's Eye Braille Love Polymer Clay Pendant Tiger's Eye Braille Love
Tiger's Eye is the favorite stone of my boyfriend of 11 years. I have always adored tactile items - gardens with sensory setup, reading braille signs, working with textured origami papers. The braille on this piece reads "love".

Gemstone Polymer Clay Pendants
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