AMACO Pasta Machine
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I got my pasta machine at my local Michael's craft store. It has a clamp to connect it to the table, a handle that fits into a hole on one side of the machine, and a knob to set the thickness of the feed area. You feed the clay into the top by hand, and catch it with your other hand as it

AMACO pasta machine

On one hand, it's very clearly a "cheap" version of this type of machine. The handle falls out pretty easily when you're trying to turn it. There isn't a lot of clearance between the bottom of the rollers and the base of the machine so you have to have a hand there to catch and draw out any clay that's over an inch or two long.

On the other hand, it does work reasonably well for very little money. You set the number of the thickness, put in the clay, and out comes a nice smooth sheet. The clay really doesn't stick to the rollers.

Well recommended.

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