Japanese Restaurant Reviews Massachusetts

Konnichiwa! We frequently go to Japanese restaurants anywhere in Massachusetts, plus we hunt them down on our various trips around the states. Feel free to contact me if you have a Japanese restaurant in Massachusetts or elsewhere to add to our summary.

If you haven't tried Japanese food before, don't be afraid. Most Japanese food they serve in the states is just like other food you eat, with soy sauce in it. There's a lot of white rice. There's beef and chicken, fully cooked, with teriyaki and soy sauces. Yes, there is sushi, which is usually raw fish. But if you want to get started in sushi, try ordering shrimp. It's just like the shrimp you eat with shrimp cocktail. It's cooked. There's also sushi rolls which are just vegetables, quite yummy and 'safe'. And Smoked Salmon sushi is smoked, i.e. cooked. So there are many ways to get started in Japanese food without things being too strange.

Here are some sushi terms to know:

  • Sushi: while it's usually raw fish on rice, it can also be cooked shrimp, or smoked salmon, or even just vegetables or egg. Usually sold in pairs, and rolls are usually sold in sets of six.
  • Sashimi: Sashimi is just raw fish, plain. No rice. Usually sold singly.
  • Teriyaki: A sauce put on steak and chicken, it's a mild, salty soy sauce flavor.
  • Tepanyaki: This means the food is cooked on a heated table right in front of you. Quite entertaining!
  • Tempura: Vegetables are usually done tempura style, meaning they're dipped in batter and fried. Fresh and tasty.

To me, sushi is comfort food. It goes wonderfully with Champagne, and also well with cold sake. I enjoy eating a few of them with sake before starting the meal. I do go for more interesting ones occasionally, but to just sit back and relax I enjoy:

Ebi - Shrimp
Hamati - Yellowtail
Maguro - Tuna

And the Manhattan Roll which is like a Californian Roll but with the roe on the outside. Yum yum!

Japanese Family-Style Recipes is a great cookbook if you want to see what authentic Japanese food is like!

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