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Size Origami Crane Pins
To give you a better sense of the size of the origami crane pins, here are a series of photos demonstrating the relative size of the pins.

The first image is taken from a top down point of view. The blue crane on the left is an origami pin crane. It is about 2 inches from head to tail. The second blue crane is also an origami pin crane. It is about 2 1/2 inches from wing to wing. The third, pink crane is for reference and is a traditional 6 inch square origami carne.

origami crane Pins

This second image shows the same three cranes, from an angle, to give more sense of the dimensions. origami crane Pins

In this next image I am comparing the standard large crane with the smaller pin sized crane and the tiny earring sized crane. From left to right: The large white crane with pink-green-orange flowers is a standard sized crane. This crane is created with 6" square paper. The tiny green crane is the earring crane, created from 2" squares of paper.The gold-and-red crane to the right side of the image is the pin sized crane, created from 3" square paper.

origami crane Pins

Please note that my paper inventory is constantly being updated and changed. Please let me know what color or colors you are interested in, and I will delve through my paper to find the perfect match for you!

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Size of Origami Crane Pins
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Price Per Origami Crane Pin: $8.00

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